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Check out the newly installed Bike Fixtation under VIU’s new mass bike shelter – A place to fix your basic bike problems including inflating your tires. Another success of our ALTRA focus group has taken shape – Congratulations Team!

The Bike Fixtation Public Work Stand is a repair stand built for the needs of the urban landscape. Like all Bike Fixtation products, the Public Work Stand is built to withstand the elements and misuse. Aircraft cable is used to permanently tether eight common bicycle tools to help riders get to their destination. Thick walled DOM tubing is powder coated to ensure this stand will be looking great for years. The Public Work Stand’s unique I-beam construction prevents bicycles from being locked to it. An instructional label quickly indicates what the Public Work Stand is for and how to hang your bike from it.

For more details on the fixtation product line check out:

And look out for upcoming workshops and events for cycling in and around Nanaimo!

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By Jenn McGarrigle – Nanaimo News Bulletin
Published: November 26, 2011 6:00 AM

For three Vancouver Island University students, encouraging more people to eat locally produced foods begins on campus.

Celia White, Jesse Alexander and Leah Chesterman hope to encourage more local and sustainable purchasing practices at the university.

They have funding from two national organizations, Meal Exchange and Sierra Youth Coalition, to start a campus food strategy group. The university is one of five campuses across Canada chosen for the funding.

When an institution as big as VIU starts buying from local farmers, it encourages these farmers to grow more food to meet this demand, said White.

It also raises awareness in the community about the benefits of eating local, sustainable food, she added, as opposed to food mass produced by large industrial companies using unsustainable methods, and highlights food security issues – much of the food consumed on Vancouver Island is produced elsewhere.

“Eating locally doesn’t just affect our community, it minimizes the harm elsewhere in the world,” said White.

As co-facilitators of VIU’s food strategy group, the students are charged with bringing together a broad range of stakeholders involved in the food system on campus and initiating discussions and connections that help make local food choices more accessible for students.

“There’s no mandatory participation from anyone on campus,” said Chesterman. “The more local we can get the better.”

She envisions using land at the G.R. Paine Horticultural Centre as an organic vegetable garden, employing students and providing food to the cafeteria, and an institutional mandate that a certain percentage of foods on campus must be acquired locally.

“I think it’s going to be incremental,” said Chesterman.

About a dozen student groups, programs and departments on campus have already agreed to participate in meetings organized by the students, said White, as well as a community group – Nanaimo Foodshare.

White, Chesterman and Alexander are paid to spend about 10 hours a week on the project and given a $600 budget for expenses incurred by the group over the next two years.

Chesterman said the first step is meeting with as many groups as possible and determining how much food on the campus is already produced locally, then the group will look at where different departments and groups can work together to expand this.

Having that discussion at a post-secondary institution is vital, added Alexander, because young educated minds will become society’s future leaders and policy makers.

VIU and VIU Students’ Union support cycling through covered parking and a complete bike tool kit available to all VIU campus users!

Throughout the summer of 2011 Solutions ALTRA Working Group worked with the Students’ Union to create a purchase list for a complete bike repair tool kit paid for by the Students’ Union. This kit was purchased in August 2011 and complied at the Students Union. Due to the new year rush the finalizing of this kit will not be completed until December, when it will be moved to the VIU Residences for 24/7 access.

Also VIUSU continued to work with Facilities and included Solutions ALTRA working group in the discussions to secure the plan to build a covered bike parking area on the north side of the Gymnasium to house 44 bikes. This area may also house an outdoor repair stand (suggested: Bike Fixtation) if budget allows. The following announcement was released this fall:

Oct 31, 2011
Facilities Services and Campus Development would like to advise of the following:
New Covered Bike Storage Facility
In order to better accommodate our growing number of cyclist commuters and to promote alternative transportation, the Vancouver Island University Student Union and Vancouver Island University are partnering in a new Covered Bike Storage Facility.  The new facility will be located on the North side of the Gymnasium (Building 190) and will provide covered parking for 44 bikes.
The construction zone (adjacent to the North of the Gym) will not obstruct pedestrian movement, however please remember the following:
·       Exercise extreme care and caution around the construction zone
·       Obey all signs and instructions of construction personnel
·       Stay alert for equipment moving to/from the construction area
·       Noise, vibrations and nuisance odours will occur from time-to-time throughout the construction process
This project is scheduled to start on November 1 and completed by November 18.  The facility is scheduled to be available for users starting December 1.
For further information, contact:
Drew Taylor, Planner/Developer
Facilities Services and Campus Development
Phone:  (250)740-6539
After Hours Contact Security at 250-753-3812This work has been schedule to ensure there are minimal disruptions to programs or work environments.  Facilities Services and Campus Development would like to thank the VIU Community in advance for your patience as we undergo this exciting new development.