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Facilitator: Dana
Time keeper: Megan
Note taker: Chris
Snack Provider: Elle

1. Energizer: cup game – Yeah Megan leading!!!

2. Check in: Something awesome you’re doing over winter beak

Jesse: a lot of snowboarding and partying in Quesnell

Megan: back to Alberta for the holiday and a drive to Grand Prairie

Elle: go to Van to visit with freinds and enjoy the reunion!

Alexandro: Back to Duncan, hanging with friends and putting insulation in my cabin!

Chris: Seeing family in Calgary for early celebrations and then back to Nanaimo – love it (gingerbread, clear frosh/frozen landscape, slushy walks)!

Dana: Climb Mt Benson!!!

3. Next week’s meeting: Exec meeting to prepare for next semester – agreed a minimum of 3 people showing up and them having make an outline plan to present at the first meeting of spring semester and Solutions meetings would have that plan to work from throughout the spring.

4. Next Semester Meetings: Elle will compile the doodle decision and book rooms for all of next semester.

5. Cherry Point Celebration: after 11am on Sat – Chris will book it and email those interested – please email! 5 people confirmed!

6. Question: Aside from political and social issues, Is there enough nitrogen and space available in our world to produce food for our current (and growing) population without industrial agricultural practises.

AMAZING question!!! and we had a great discussion.

7. Upcoming Events/Community Reminders:
Rights and Democracy Club Local food Bake Sale tomorrow (Thursday) 11am – 3pm

Sustainability Seafood paid position this Spring Semester – apply!!!

ACER meeting on Friday 11:30am ICR (above Jump’n Java)

8. Focus Groups:

Bike Tool Kit – Chris

  • Booklet presented: Went over what needed to still be done – assigned tasks for over the break

Garden Spring Prep – Alex

  • This weekend plant bulbs, dedicate/expand garden area for culinary use (winter greens, bulbs etc.)
  • Next semesters coordinator position shared between 3+ people.
  • Leaf bagging party at 3pm in the garden

Next Semester recruitment tactics – Jesse

  • brain storming next semester
  • table and Q&A in the first few weeks
  • posters

9. Wrap Up – Good luck on finishing up our semester everyone!