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1. Energizer:
bear, mosquito, salmon game: similar to rock paper scissors

2. Check – in:
what would you be out of the three animals of the game and why?
Alex: mosquito, range is expanding (they are versatile)
Dana: bear to play (especially as a bear cub) and hibernate
Elle: bear to play and be cozy
Chris: salmon to experience the world through water
Leah: mosquito to be a fly on the wall
Megan: bear because it’s at the top of the food chain
Travis: bear because it’s similar to him and what he enjoys in life (i.e. eating salmon and berries)
Sacia: bear to get picnic baskets and lumber around

3. Deep Bay celebration discussion (internal).
Contact Chris with questions.

4. Recruitment days debrief:
-Set up and tear down – fairly easy both days. Minimal difficulties setting up and retrieving solutions materials
-displays: checklist was excellent, eye catching, useable more than once, good use of space, engaging from a distance
-vision board was not as engaging as desired, small amount of interest.
-benefit of having the two days of set up – everyone has an opportunity to help with some aspect of the process (even if for a half an hour). Doodle poll was helpful in organizing everyone’s schedule to help.
-signing up new members by allowing them a doodle schedule to fill out – good way to find schedule of potential members
quiz: engaged and introduced people to what Solutions focuses on. point of participation is important
-good time in the semester to engage people – students and faculty are not too busy.

5. SFU Sustainable Campuses conference reminder.
When: February 16th – 19th (the Thursday to Sunday before VIU’s reading week)
Cost: $60
Where: Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, BC.
From the website: This year’s theme is “Campus as a Living Lab:” How can campuses move from places of learning about sustainability, towards learning by doing? How can we find what we need, where we are? More importantly, how can we develop and leverage local culture, knowledge, and innovation with opportunities available to us on and off campus?
Meeting notes on the conference: Chris and a number of other Solutions members have participated in previous Western Sustainable Campuses Conferences; past conferences were great networking opportunities for those looking for new sustainability ideas for their campus as well as opportunities to develop leadership skills in relation to the field of campus sustainability. Also looks like fun!

Options on the registration page offer billeting for students from out of town (so don’t worry about accommodation costs).
Link for more information:

roles for next meeting (Thursday, January 19th, building 250 room 215):
facilitator: Elle
note taker: Travis
snack provider: Sacia
time keeper: Megan

Can’t wait to hear about everything you guys learn at Deep Bay!

See you next week :)