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Garden updates from the Garden team.

-March 26 2010-

The VIU Community Peace Garden is putting out a challenge to the VIU campus community. We would like to raise 20 yards of soil to create a beautiful growing space for the coming gardening season. We are asking that faculty and students to contribute dollars that we will turn into soily goodness.

The contributions look like this:

$12.50 for 1/4 yard
$25.00 for 1/2 yard
$50.00 for 1 yard

The soil will be used to
1) Fill our Wheelchair accessible raised beds
2) Create a food forest on the western slope of the project
3) Plant the orchard on the north edge of the project (Greenthumb Nursery donate six fruit trees)

We will be having a table set up in the library (or outside) on March 29th, 2010 from 10 -2 or contact us at

Thank you for your support

Much Gratitude


PS. Although we are having a table on the 29th…one could make a donation at any time in any city…we will work out how to receive the contribution. Thank you!

-Jan 19 2010- 

Solutions Meeting and Focus Group

Each week we will be having a Community Garden Focus Group…discussing what’s happening and recording ideas.

Meetings are Tuesday at 4pm Arbutus Rm

We have a Working Group each Monday at 10:30 in the library where we update what has happened over the last week

What we are preparing to do this semester

raised bed installations

deck planning/installation: in the process of being designed (design to be completed in the next month)


2 workshops/2 speakers

Fundraising events

Speaker Suggestions

Lunchtime speakers vs. evening speakers= EVENING ( lunchtime is too busy)

Workshop Suggestions

Mushroom “hunt”

Interest in “hands-on” workshops


Seedy Saturday

Open food, walk and pick situation in garden

More exposure of club and project

Challenge all faculties to donate one yard of soil: Share Cost is willing to hold soil until needed

Cinnabar Farms: possible donations ( Nelson)

Comparison of prices (Angel)


Possible Local Food Dinner (May?)

-food purchased from Bowen Rd. Farmers Market

-enlist 2 Culinary Arts students to be our chefs

Fundraising Coordinator?

Recruiting Future Garden Coordinators

Summer Watering

-Sept 22 2009-

Look out for these up and coming workshops!

Cob bench; a few finishing touches to be added to our cob bench

Winter gardening; kale, garlic etc… PLUS a fig and hazelnut tree to be planted.

Mushroom inoculation; mushrooms spores “planted” in tree stumps

Workshop dates and other particulars have yet to be confirmed BUT check back for updates. Ads will be posted around campus.

-Sept 18th 2009-

Welcome Back Everyone!

Here’s what’s new and ongoing in the garden!

  1. The Rick Hansen Foundation grant is on its way
  2. Deltalock will be sending an estimate based on a new drawing of the retaining wall. This estimate will be used as a template for another grant proposal from TD Canada Trust
  3. Pathway installation is once again progressing. We were presented with a few setbacks in the summer (i.e. retaining wall installation) but completion will hopefully be shortly underway.
  4. A member of the forestry department has been contacted in order to schedule a possible meeting in hopes of obtaining cedar from the woodlot.
  5. Contact has been made with the International Student Activity coordinator.
  6. Contact has been made with Disability Services
  7. Sign installation will be complete by the end of next week.
  8. We are becoming a club! A table will be set up on club day (Sept 23rd, 11-1)

If anyone has any ideas they would like to contribute, feel free to email us!

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